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About Us

Orange Chiropractic Centre is located at 38 Forbes Road in Orange and is the premier provider of chiropractic, massage & floatation therapy services for the community of Orange and surrounding districts.


When you consult with the chiropractors at Orange Chiro, you'll be seen in a private treatment room at each visit and be given treatment recommendations that aim to provide you with the most enduring relief with the fewest number of treatments.

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Your chiropractors

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Mick Cornish  B.Sc, D.C (USA)
Doctor of Chiropractic

Since graduating from university with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree way back in 1997, Mick Cornish has helped many thousands of people from Orange and surrounding communities to get out of pain, to get moving freely again and get back to enjoying life with easier movement, greater comfort and more confidence.


He has established a reputation for providing patient-centred, results-focused solutions for many of the aches, pains and postural distortions that affect people at different stages of their lives. He will provide you with a common sense approach to resolving your condition in a safe and effective manner. 

His vast experience allows him to recognise and safely treat conditions which may not have responded to previous therapies or other chiropractic techniques. He also understands the importance of working with other health professionals to provide you with enhanced opportunity to resolve stubborn or recurring conditions.


When you initially meet with Mick, you'll be examined and given a clear explanation of the reasons why you're experiencing your aches, pains and postural problems. You will also receive your first treatment. Any further treatment recommendations he provides are specifically tailored to your condition with the goal of providing you the most enduring relief with the fewest number of treatments. What you won't get is a sales pitch for an inordinate amount of treatment.

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Simon Breen   B.App.Sc (Chiro)

Simon Breen joined team at Orange Chiropractic Centre in July of 2020 and brings with him a wealth of experience as a chiropractor. He worked in the Northern territory for some time before returning to his home state of South Australia where his practice in the Adelaide CBD kept him busy for nearly thirty years. Since joining Orange Chiro, Simon has continued the ethos of providing patient-centred, results-focused care.

Whilst Simon treats clients who have specifically sought him out, he also seamlessly provides chiropractic care to clients who may have only previously consulted with Mick Cornish. In fact, all clients of Orange Chiro are actively encouraged to meet with Simon if Mick is unavailable (and vice versa) as both Simon and Mick have secure access to the treatment files of all clients of Orange Chiro. Importantly, the chiropractic treatment techniques used by both practitioners are very similar.

Simon is available for appointments every Wednesday and Friday. To meet with Simon, please use our online booking system by clicking on the button below.

Dr Mick Cornish was very accommodating, very professional, gentle, listened ...overall I was very impressed.

Dee Mac

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