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  • What conditions do people seek treatment for at Orange Chiro?
    People trust the team at the Orange Chiropractic Centre for treatment of their; - back pain - neck pain - headaches - frozen shoulder - shoulder impingement syndrome - bursitis - pregnancy related back pain - vertigo & dizziness - sciatica - hip pain - arthritis associated pain - scoliosis - upper back pain - bulging discs - aching legs & feet - hip pain - joint stiffness - jaw pain and TMJ problems - knee pain - painful movement - restricted movement - pins & needles in the arms, hands, legs and feet - balance issues - carpal tunnel syndrome - pinched nerves - tailbone pain - spinal stiffness - sports injuries
  • When are appointments available?
    With the exception of public holidays, Orange Chiro is open each weekday. Dr. Mick Cornish has availability on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday morning and Thursday while Dr. Simon Breen is in attendance on Wednesdays and Fridays. To check appointment availability for each practitioner and to schedule your appointment, please use the online booking system. If you're an existing client of Orange Chiro and need to be seen on a day when your regular chiropractor is unavailable, we encourage you to see the other practitioner as they will have secure access to your files. Remember, it's best to take care of your issue sooner rather than later.
  • Do I need a referral?
    In most cases ... no! Most of our clients simply book an appointment online. However, if your GP has provided you with an Enhanced Primary Care referral (Medicare EPC), you'll need to present this referral and your Medicare card at the time of your first consultation. Likewise, if you are the holder of a Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) gold or white card, you'll need the appropriate referral from your GP. Whether you are a private client or have a GP referral, please use our online booking system to schedule your appointment.
  • What are the treatment fees?
    When you consult with Orange Chiro as a new client, the initial consultation fee is $120 which includes examination and treatment. X-rays are not included in the initial consult however, if clinically required to assist in diagnosing your condition, the fee is $110. Standard consultation fees (including treatment) for existing clients are $70.
  • Are x-rays necessary for treatment to be provided?
    No. Many conditions do not need x-rays however, should imaging of your spine be of clinical advantage in determining the nature and severity of your condition, x-rays can be taken on-site at Orange Chiro. The process for determining whether there is enough clinical reason to to take x-rays can be simplified into the following considerations your chiropractor will make; - Is the potential benefit of the x-ray outweighed by the potential harm? - Is there appropriate evidence to support taking an x-ray in this case? - Is a decision to take an x-ray in this case supported by clinical experience? - Will an x-ray significantly impact my management of this case? Of course, if you already have x-rays or other scans relevant to your presenting condition, please bring the images or reports with you.
  • Are HICAPS and EFTPOS facilities available?
    At Orange Chiro, many different sectors of the community seek our care. If you are a member of a private health fund, our HICAPS machine will process your membership card or app to determine the benefits payable per service. We also have EFTPOS facilities which accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards as well as most bank / credit union issued payment cards. We do not accept cheques.
  • What other facilities does Orange Chiro have?
    Online booking system Off street parking Disabled parking Wheelchair friendly Wheelchair accessible toilets HICAPS and EFTPOS facilities Private treatment rooms
  • Which treatment techniques do the chiropractors use?
    - diversified technique - dry needling - drop piece table - Thompson - Sacro Occipital Technique - instrument adjusting - trigger point therapy - extremity adjusting techniques
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