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Need a massage?  You're in the right place!

Meet Ben Vaughan - professional massage therapist extraordinaire.

Ben Vaughan Massage Therapy has called the Orange Chiropractic Centre home since 2017 and his reputation means he can be booked out for weeks in advance.


Since qualifying as a massage therapist in 2010, Ben has worked with professional and amateur athletes as well as being known as the the go-to professional for massage therapy services in Orange and surrounding districts. Ben continually refines and adds to his already vast knowledge about human anatomy & physiology by attending regular educational seminars. In addition to his massage proficiency, Ben has training in dry needling, cupping and sports taping - techniques he uses to enhance the benefits of the massage he provides. 

Beyond being dedicated to his young family, he is enthusiastic about health and fitness, and a keen practitioner in numerous Martial Arts disciplines and apart from that ... he's just a good bloke!


Book your appointment with Ben now.

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